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Strengthening of the bases and re-leveling of foundations

Subsidence of structures is not an easy thing...

                If you notice large cracks in the walls and foundations of your building or gaps that appear between the wall and the floor, there is a high chance that the building and the ground beneath is sinking. Working with a qualified survey engineer to understand the causes of subsidence (the technical term for uneven soil bearing properties) is usually the first step to solving and fixing the problem.Subsidence can occur in certain areas (large or small) over a long period of time, or as a direct response to nearby human activity or natural events.

What causes foundations to sink?

               Foundations are sinking for a number of reasons. All of them are associated with changes in the properties of the soil base, which in turn generates movement of the soil on which the foundations are built.

Changes can be caused by:

- Droughts or frosts that dry the land and cause clay soils to shrink. In dry conditions, tree roots can suck the remaining moisture from the ground and cause further settlement.

- Major repairs or construction in the neighborhood can change the state of the ground, especially if earth or pile work is being carried out. Often, poorly conducted excavations can allow the" neighbor" soil to slip, causing the subsidence. Heavy traffic and vibration of machinery can also move or displace layers of soil.

- Different foundation systems (for example, in very old buildings or in buildings with extensions or alterations) work differently. In clay soils the deeper foundation is the less will be the subsidence. Extensions of the house will settle differently compared to the main structure. Most often, new foundations give the precipitation process in the first five years after construction.

- Water that is absorbed into the ground changes the condition of the ground. This may be the result of leaks from broken pipes, poorly compacted backfill of the foundation, or a sloping foundation (resulting in water being collected in the pool). In sandy soils, smaller particles are removed, and larger ones are collapsed after. In clay soils, oversaturation leads to a weakening of the soil and the foundation subsides in a weak area.

- Earthquakes shake the earth, even if they are macro-vibrations of low frequency, and often lead to soil loosening. When it happens, the ground weakens and becomes semi-viscous, causing the building's foundations to sink. As soon as the dynamic stops, this "viscous" state passes back into a solid state.

Is there a solution?

             There are solutions that allow you to quickly, unobtrusively and economically eliminate the main drawdown problems with minimal interference in everyday life.GeoResin's technology resembles a surgical approach, where specially designed resins are injected into weakened areas under a building or individual site to help strengthen the foundation soil and lift structures. GeoResin is a unique two-in-one solution that improves and re-levels foundation and walls while simultaneously increasing the bearing capacity of the soil and filling voids.

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Uneven subsidence of structures can be caused by the following factors:

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