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Restoration work after determining the uneven subsidence of the belt foundation

Increasing the base load-bearing capacity
Private residential buildings
Private two-storey residential building with a basement
Strengthening the foundation ground
Moscow region
Time of work
2020 г.
The timing
3 days
DEEP Lifting

Main task:

Strengthening of the foundation soil around the perimeter of a residential building. Based on the results of dynamic penetration test, we can conclude that there is a weak degree of compaction of the ground layers below the foundation level (Rd < 2.00 MPa) - insufficient load-bearing capacity


The house was built in 2014. Foundation – tape style; the mark of the sole of the foundation -3.0 m from the level of the day surface. The total area of the house is 180 m2 , including the ground floor. Gas block  walls.

In 2017, the customer found small cracks on the facing brick. Initially, he assumed that the brick was of poor quality and decided to observe the changes and deformations. Later, cracks appeared on the inner sides of the basement walls, after which the customer immediately turned to GeoResin for advice.

Cracks were found in one half of the house, this part of the house (according to the customer's decision) we surveyed. The engineers gave recommendations for strengthening and surveyed the rest of the house.The client decided to continue monitoring, the drawdown continued and cracks appeared in the second part of the building. After conducting research, including a second survey to update the data and our proposal, a design solution was developed to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation ground.


Strengthening the foundation soil at the base of the strip, eliminating uneven subsidence of the house.

Applied technology:

The solution to the problem was provided by the DEEP Lifting method according to the GeoResin technology. It includes measures to stabilize the foundation subsidence by strengthening and consolidating the soil in the base with increasing its strength and deformation characteristics with the GeoResin polymer composition. Strengthening of the foundation base was carried out to the depth of the stress distribution zone from the operating loads, ranging from -3.5 meters from the daytime ground surface to -5.7 meters.

Depending on the area of the injection, the packers were installed from one to three depth levels.


The work area was constantly monitored using a laser level during injections. To control the filling of voids and restore the load-bearing capacity, the technology provides a characteristic "movement" that indicates the achievement of the result. After the work was carried out, a geodetic survey was carried out to monitor the movements of the house during the warranty period.

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