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Strengthening the base and leveling a two-story building

Strengthening of the foundation and re-leveling of residential building structures
Low-rise residential buildings
Two-storey residential building
Correction of the angled building
Time of work
2017 г.
The timing
4 days
DEEP Lifting & Floor LIFTING


The company was contacted by a family from St. Petersburg with a problem of the building's shift. At the time of the appeal, they did not yet suspect that the building tilted up to 180 mm! The customer was confused by the fact that the extension part of the house slightly departs from the main building by 10-20 mm. After an interview with the owner of the building, it turned out that the foundation is a grillage on stilts. The depth of piling is 2 m.
GeoResin technicians who conducted a survey of the house spent more than three hours searching for the declared piles under the grillage, but they were not able to find them. Instead of high-quality sand filling, construction waste was found under the grillage, which, in turn, also did not work for the benefit of the building.


The customer assigned the task to stabilize, as well as " pull " (lift) the building to the design mark, i.e. to lift up to 180 mm in the places of the greatest drawdown.
It was decided to inject GeoResin resins from a depth of 2 m from the grillage. In this way, the lift was carried out without harming structures that do not have support due to the lack of foundation piles.


To restore the working condition of the residential building, the foundation was firstly reinforced using the Deep Lifting method. After increasing the bearing capacity of the base, the Floor lifting method was used to lift the structures up to the design level.
All work on lifting and re-leveling the building was under the constant supervision of the geodetic service.

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