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Lifting of sunken garage with improvement of the weak ground

Leveling the load-bearing structures
Auxiliary premises
Multifunctional garage
Subsided section of the building
Moscow region
Time of work
2015 г.
The timing
2 days
DEEP Lifting


Lifting the deformed garage wall and foundation to the design level with hardening of the soil at the base.


In the garage building under operation, deformations occurred in the masonry on the section of the outer wall due to uneven subsidence of foundations in the presence of loosened soil under. Dynamic penetration test revealed that it was caused by soaking and compressing the soil due to the penetration of atmospheric water runoff from the roof through the drainage pipe.


Restoration of the operational parameters of the garage building by strengthening the soil at the base of the foundation with its lifting to the design level.

Applied technology

The solution of the problem was solved by the applied method of deep Lifting by GeoResin technology. Measures to improve the soil included the injection of GeoResin geopolymer composition under the sunken foundation to achieve the required mechanical properties of the hardened soil while simultaneously lifting the sunken construction and wall to the design level by 15 mm. In total, 24 injections of polymer mixtures were made into the ground at different levels under the foundation.


The injection result was verified by laser monitoring during injection and ground tests before and after the base strengthening, which allowed us to evaluate the improvement of the mechanical characteristics of the soil in the injection zone. Lifting the structures by an average of 15 mm confirmed the effectiveness of the measures. The project took 2 working days

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