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Lifting and re-leveling of the road surface while maintaining the slope after subsidence

Lifting and re-leveling of structures
Infrastructure objects
The section of highway
The restoration of the sunken area
Time of work
2017 –≥.
The timing
3 days

The problem description:

Performing repair work on the subsided section of the second MKAD (city ring road) as quickly as possible and without complete blocking the transport traffic.

Initial data:

On one of the sections of the 2nd Minsk ring road there was a defect in the form of subsidence of the roadway with a total linear length of 35 m, which violated the high-speed mode of a transport traffic on the highway. Preliminary survey of this section showed that under the construction of the road surface due to uneven deformations there was a loosening of the soil.


In order to restore operational performance on the damaged section of the ring road by strengthening the ground under the roadslab and re-leveling the surface of the subsided concrete slabs with a total area of approximately 350 m2, and as quickly as possible.

Applied technology:

To solve appeared problems Floor Lifting method was used according to GeoResin technology involving the injection into the ground through the drilled in slabs of small diameter holes with a special polymer composition which due to its expansion force creates lifting power with re-leveling sunken slabs of the pavement.


The Quality and efficiency of soil hardening and lifting of the subsided slabs up to 60 mm were checked by dynamic penetration test before and after injection of the mixture into the soil and on-line using laser monitoring system

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