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Strengthening or improving the foundation of structures

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Because of what most often the foundation requires your attention

Give the foundation a second chance: how to return value to the property and peace of mind to yourself

        Among the main tasks during repair and reconstruction works, strengthening the foundation of the building is the most popular one. During the buildings lifecycyle, the foundation often loses some of its load-bearing capacity. As the foundation and soil underneath are exposed to both natural factors: waterlogging, weathering and frostbite from one side and anthropogenic (human): technical accidents, improper exploatation of the building, construction work nearby(excavation or pile works) and vibration from other side. This can lead to an emergency situation. Depending on the underlying cause, you may need both a simple plumber works to fix leaking pipes or a more deep survey to determine the cause of structural problems before talking about any engineering solutions. In order to prevent the appearance of cracks in the foundation and walls, as well as to prevent the destruction of the house, it is necessary to strengthen the foundation(or soil) of the structure in time.

         Foundation strengthening works always begin with identifying the causes and examining the foundation of the building. During the ground survey, the condition of the load-bearing parts and the operating load are determined. Also the scale of damage and its causes are identified (if possible). The survey of the underground part provides the information about the composition of the soil, the depth of the foundation, the presence of water and its condition, the strength characteristics of the soil base. Based on the data obtained from surveys, a strengthening scheme is designed. That will help to solve existing problems and prevent the emergence cases in future.

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What does the base problem look like?

It won't go away by itself.

Step # 1 is to figure it out and determine the cause.

Only then can a balanced decision about the future be made.
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Causes that lead to the need to strengthen the foundation:

  • Not compacted soil base
  • Additional new construction loads
  • Anthropogenic or natural accidents
  • Dry or wet weather periods
  • Excavation or piling constrction works
  • Different type or depth of foundations under one building
  • Vibration from traffic or machinery
  • Different types of base soils

Questions answered by GeoResin:

  • What happens to a building or structure in general?
  • What caused cracks or displacement of structures?
  • Does it make sense to wait for improvements or changes, and what?
  • Is it possible to do cosmetic repairs and for how long?
  • What happens if you do nothing and in what time frame?
  • Will and what specific "shop-or-do-it-yourself" solutions help?
  • Will the "familiar foreman" be able to resolve the issue?
  • Is it possible and how to slow down or stop the process of destruction?
  • Is it possible to return everything as it was? What are the options?
  • When is it better and cheaper to start solving? Is it possible not right away?
  • How much does it cost to resolve the issue and what are the conditions for implementation?
  • What can be done for X rubles?
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Completed projects

In a residential building, a floor slab sank after a pipe burst

Reinforcement of base soils and re-leveling of floor slab

Technological excessive subsidence of a building columns

Stopping subsidence and increasing the load-bearing capacity of the pile foundation

Eroding the foundation of the supporting columns

Strengthening the foundation foundation without disrupting the entire project schedule

Weak watered soils and unsuccessful attempt to stabilize

Reinforcement of soils at the base of slab foundations

Cracks on load-bearing walls, incl. on window and doorways

Reinforcement of foundation soils, filling of voids

Cracks on the inner sides of the walls of the basement room

Strengthening and consolidation of soils of the base of foundations

Local floor subsidence

Reinforcement of base soils and leveling of the floor slab

Internal load-bearing columns have undergone settlement

Stopping uneven settlement of column foundations

Tank bottom subsidence

Reinforcement and leveling of the steel bottom

Deformations and cracks of supporting structures

Reinforcement of soils of foundations

Erection of a new curtain wall on the existing foundation

Strengthening and sloughing of soils of the base of the foundation

Draft of the structure with non-standard heel

Aligning the tank structure

Strengthening the foundation soil and stabilizing the foundation

Strengthening the foundation soil and stabilizing the foundation

Draft of one of the corners of the building

Raising and leveling the foundation slab in the horizon

Ragged horizontal cracks began to appear and develop

Reinforcement of foundation soils and filling of voids

What we guarantee:
  • Almost instant results
  • Selection and determination of a suitable solution together with the client
  • Only top brands of equipment and tools
  • Possibility of phased implementation of the project according to the schedule required by the client
  • Post-project monitoring and efficiency, if necessary, improvements. 24/7 communication
  • Parallel improvement of the characteristics of hydro, thermal and vibration insulation of structures

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