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GeoResin methods and technology insights

Due to modern GeoResin injection methods the foundation soil and structures above are reinforced. The structure as itself can be re-leveled or even lifted up-to demanded level with an accuracy of one millimeter. Lifting the structures does not depend on the design or actual pressure from the structure. All procesess are performed under the control of ultra-precise equipment, which eliminates any adverse deformations.

Lifting the structure foundation and strengthening the soil

DEEP Lifting technology will help to restore the bearing capacity of the foundation and foundation soil in the shortest possible time without performing excavation and underpining work. This technology has a vast scope of application both for private homes and industrial facilities at varios stages of construction. All operations can be done without stopping business activites or production.

If you want to study the technology of parts with scientific calculations and technical descriptions (in the original), then go to the Georesin technical library.

DEEP Lifting

The floor sagged, there were cracks in the walls and foundation or the house leans - it means that the building began to settle. The reason for that could be as following: design errors, poorly performed construction work, loosening of the foundation soil, and so on...
GeoResin Deep Lifting Advantages
Technological features make it possible to carry out work in compressed conditions, in hard-to-reach places, with minimal noise and vibration effects.
The technology makes it possible to strengthen the soil in the necessary places. Relevant in case of technogenic impacts on the base during operation.
A high level of control of the work performed, including control of the volume of the consolidated soil mass.
The method consists of injecting of a two-component polymer resin into the soil under pressure. As a result, the soil base is compacted, voids are filled and moisture is forced out from pores. Due to further injections stage, the foundation lifts up-to the project level and increases its load-bearing capacity.


A concrete floor slab has sagged or cracked - this situation can occur if the design is incorrect, the thickness of the slab is insufficient, the load is excessive, the soil is washed out or not well compacted.

Stabilising and re-leveling constructions with slabs and plinths

Floor LIFTING technology will stop sagging of the slab and raise the structure to the demanded level and significantly increase the bearing capacity of the soil base. This is an ideal solution for carrying out restoration work in warehouses, logistics centers, office buildings and infrastructure facilities such as roads and airfield runways.

If you want to study the technology of parts with scientific calculations and technical descriptions (in the original), then go to the Georesin technical library.

GeoResin Floor Lifting advantages
The equipment, work methods and materials used are aimed at minimal interference with the existing ensemble, make it possible to carry out work without stopping production processes at the enterprise.
High level of control of the lifting of the structure (up to 1mm). Fully restores the contact between the structure and the base.
Waterproofing the structure from the base side. Reduces vibration susceptibility or exude. Increases the thermal insulation properties of the base.
The technology is performed by injection of a special geopolymer resin under the slab using thin steel tubes(called packers). The expansion takes place in the first 30 seconds. As a result, the soil base under the slab is being compacted and the slab starts to rise to the design level. The bearing capacity of the base increases.

Strengthening and stabilizing the foundation on the weak soils

Column Injection technology allows to achieve strengthening and stabilization results even in presence of watered and very weak soils with voids. Geopolymer piles are an excellent alternative to traditional soil compaction methods or piling. This method allows to work under an existing building and is suitable for all types of structures and soils.

If you want to study the technology of parts with scientific calculations and technical descriptions (in the original), then go to the Georesin technical library.

Column Injection

Your house, warehouse or office is standing on weak ground and is already beginning to subside - that means that there was a decompression or washing out of the soil, voids and water volumes formed under the foundation. You will urgently need to strengthen the soil and restore the load-bearing capacity of the building foundation.
Column Injection method advantages
Possibility of installing geopolymer piles or columns in hard-to-reach places with instant load transfer.
High bearing capacity along the lateral surface due to the roughness of the pile walls or the column "embedded" in the ground of the base.
During the process of constructing a structure, technological (additional) settlements of the structure do not occur.
During the performance of the project injection materials pump into kevlar shells inserted into the ground to a depth of up to 6 meters. After that the material expands and hardens forming a pile that works both on the side surface friction and on the direct load force. Thereby the bearing capacity of the foundation increases.

Void Filling

Quite often it is necessary to carry out conservation of an old collector or underground pipeline, an abandoned mine or tunnel. Traditional methods are too expensive or do not allow to perform the task at high-quality level with long-lasting guarantee. GeoResin has the innovative solution for you.

Filling the voids and big volumes with lightweight resins

VoidFilling is the resin for injection technology that allows to perform the conservation task of old reservoirs, pipelines and mines quickly and efficiently in accordance with existing construction regulations. This is a convenient alternative to flooding with water or pouring concrete. The polymer composition used for the preservation of voids has a small specific weight and at the same time has sufficient strength with high fire-proof characteristics. Injection of the compound can be made to hard-to-reach areas and avoiding earthworks.

If you want to study the technology of parts with scientific calculations and technical descriptions (in the original), then go to the Georesin technical library.

Method advantages
Vast field of implementation - we can securly fill any void or tank underground. Mines, tunnels, culverts, thanks, shafts or cavities.
The polymer is completely safe for the environment. Flame retardant and can be recycled for reuse.
Ability to put back the object when it is get necessary. Reversable process. Has the ability to absorb residual liquids and gases.
The material is injected under pressure. At the same time, a workstation with a stock of equipment can be located within a radius of up-to 100 meters from the injection site. During the process the sub-composition expands in volume in several times(up-to 70) with complete filling the technical gaps.
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