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Inspection and elimination of risks to the building after planned reconstruction

Strengthening the ground of buildings structures with filling voids
Industrial building
Fuel and lubricants warehouse
Ensuring the load-bearing capacity
Time of work
2020 г.
The timing
2 days
DEEP Lifting


Fuel and lubricants warehouse.

Scope of work:

160 liniar meters.


GeoResin Deep Lifting.


During the conversion of the old premises (construction date is 1940) for a fuel warehouse, it became necessary to erect a new enclosing wall made of foam blocks on the existing strip foundation.


Monolithic reinforced concrete strip with a depth of -2.5 m from the level of the day surface/floor slab.


- To conduct a survey of the foundation soil for the possibility of erecting an additional wall;

- To examine the space under the floor slab for voids and decompressions.


The comprehensive survey was conducted to determine the density of the base and detect voids under the floor slab. The survey revealed low-density layers of the base and local zones of existing voids at the point of contact between the slab and the ground.

To solve the problem of strengthening the base soil, the method of deep Lifting was chosen. Work was carried out outside the building. The injection was performed in several levels. Injection tubes were installed at a certain angle in accordance with the project design.

To solve the problem of filling the void under the floor slab, work was carried out inside the building. The injection was performed strictly vertically.

After the completion of work on strengthening the foundation soil and filling the voids, a complex of geodetic works was performed to install control marks for further observation and annual surveys.

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