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Re-leveling the floor slabs of the country house after an accident

Strengthening of the base and leveling of slab structure
Restoration of floors in private housing
Country residential building
Subsided bathroom floors after an pipe accident
Samara city, Russia
Time of work
2014 г.
The timing
3 days

Solvable problem

Restoration in the shortest possible time of the subsided floors in the bathroom with filling of voids under it.

Source data

After the accident with the pipeline in the bathroom and the penetration of water into the underlying soil, it was washed out and moistened, which caused uneven subsidence of the floor and the creation of voids under it. This situation was revealed during a field survey on the site by means of geodesic survey of the floor surface and dynamic penetrometer test under it.


Restoration of the floor slab level by filling voids under it and strengthening the eroded underlying soil to ensure normal operating conditions of the room.

Applied technology

The solution to the problem was provided by the Floor LIFTING method according to the GeoResin technology. It consisted in the injection of a special expanding polymer composition under the floor through thin steel tubes stuck in holes of small diameter(up to 8 mm) drilled through the floor structure with its concrete preparation. The geopolymer mixture that penetrated between the slab and the ground filled the voids due to its expansion and with the accompanying high pressure created a lifting force for the floor with the compacting of the underlying soil and improving its mechanical properties.


The task was solved in the shortest possible time. The effectiveness of compaction of the soil under the floor with its lifting to the design position was controlled by means of penetrometer test and laser leveling.

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